Staring at a blank page?

Frustrated because you're at a loss for words? Literally.

Writing is hard. Good writers make it seem easy. But it's not.

And words matter. So when you need words, you need a professional writer.

Whether you need a few words to make your website sparkle or several thousand to sell that grant proposal to

a prospective funder, I can help.

How it works...

Tell me what you need. Maybe you're not exactly sure. I'll help you decide what kind of writing best meets

your needs. And how much writing. (Less is more!)

I'll take your ideas and turn them into winning words. 

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My Professional Track Record

In over 30 years of professional life I have been an educator, consultant, non-profit executive, author and (almost) astronaut! 

I have been a consultant, writer or project director for the Clinton White House, NASA, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Verizon Foundation and the Educational Testing Service (ETS) of Princeton among many other organizations. 

I don't keep a running tally of all my grant writing successes, but three grants alone totalled over $1.6 million to fund worthy projects.

I even had the thrill of writing a speech for famed broadcaster Walter Cronkite! 

These many diverse experiences give me a sophisticated understanding of the different kinds of writing -- vocabulary, syntax, structure and tone -- required by different clients. I can put that expertise to use helping you fill those blank pages with winning words!

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